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A new cutting edge product to protect your horses!


This is an effective, external treatment for a variety of skin and hoof infections on horses. Sparing them pain and suffering  and saving you vets’ bills! Just look what a very happy owner said below!

These products are a two treatment – application. First you spray the equine health to clean the area then, when dry, spray the equine barrier it works like an invisible plaster protecting the area.

We are having amazing results with these products

  • Equine health 1L bottle for £19.99
  • Equine barrier 1L bottle for £19.99

Here is a testimonial from a very happy owner:

 I discovered some lameness when I brought him into the farrier. I thought it might be mud fever, until the farrier discovered an abscess near the toe that had tracked right up the foot and was leaking from the heel. He recommended 7-10 days box rest and then some gentle turnout to stretch his legs. 

However, I applied this wonderful product twice a day as well as the standard purple marker spray as a marker. By day 9 he was back out living in his field 24/7 no vets required, no poultice required, no medication required.

S. Horler, Somerset.

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