Horse Coat Conditioner 500ml




Humidity is a very important element in the survival and spread of pathogens and skin irritants in animals. Active animals that spend time outdoors come into contact with wet grass, and a myriad of bacteria that they bring back into their stable. It is important that the stable is as dry as possible and that this area does not become a breading ground for these parasites. In addition to the treatment of the animal house, a coat cleaning spray can be added to protect the animal from these harmful bacteria and to provide resistance against infections and skin irritations. As an added benefit the product has been known to deter flies from settling on the horses and causing a nuisance. All domestic animals are as susceptible to bacteriological infections as are humans. By feeding probiotic “Friendly Bacteria” into their environment you will be helping to reduce their chances of catching diseases and infections.

Also available in bulk sizes of 5L or 20L.


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