Pond Clear




Pond & Lagoon Conditioner

Pond Clear is used on a regular basis to remove Blanket weed and Algae. It will also keep ponds and lagoons in tip top condition. Pond Clear substantially decreases bio solids in water and invigorates naturally present bacteria which consume fish and food waste. This enhances the environment and provides a healthier and more sustainable growth cycle for fish. Other resultant benefits have been the reduction in fungal and bacteriological infections, substantial reductions in nitrate and nitrite levels, reduction of odours and the reduction of algae. Pond Clear products are made from 100% organic blends.

Totally Organic (non chemical or biological)
Highly efficient
Creates a healthy balanced environment in the pond/lagoon
Removes Nitrites, Nitrates and Ammonia
1 litre will treat 250,000 litres of water
Easy to use
Cost Effective

Also available in bulk sizes of 5L or 20L.


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